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What our customers say
Manashi Das

The bootcamp is terrific! On our very first session we had a long chat about what I want to achieve and how. All the team is self-motivated and encouraging. If you need something to kick your butt to get in shape, as well as your mind, I highly recommend Monkeys Bootcamp.

Handre Coetze

Start joining the Monkeys team and get you body healthy, as well as your mind. Florent will train you and you will do some workouts and exercise some muscles you don’t even know about. He pushes you to the limit where you are comfortable with, helps you on your techniques and gives you some pointers. This bootcamp has an amazing spirit.

Cayla Rose

Monkeys Bootcamp is amazing! Always consistent and leave you feeling great afterwards. Thank you !!!

Will Clement

Joining the Florent’s team has probably been one of the best things I’ve done. He takes all the hard work away from trying to get fit allowing you to just focus on what he’s got planned for that day. Monkeys Fitness has tailored a training programme specifically for me to achieve my personal goals, Suggested better nutrition ideas, and always follows up to see how your body has responded! It’s awesome!

Best PT I’ve ever had!!! Florent is excellent and keeps you motivated to achieve your goal!
Annatjie Engelbrecht

I thoroughly enjoy working out in the outdoor environment, and would recommend Monkeys Bootcamp to anyone looking to improve their fitness and over all health.

Paulina Estrada Sotres
Love it! Love it!! Excelente entrenamiento con un muy buen entrenador! 100% recomendable.
Marie Lapeyre
Quel plaisir de faire du sport en plein air, le coach a su s’adapter aux différents niveaux ce qui est très appréciable !!! On a bien travaillé et dans une bonne ambiance ! Je recommande Monkeys Fitness.
Becky Tushingham
Monkeys Bootcamp is an epic training! So much fun doing CrossFit with my mates at sundown! Highly recommend.
Angele Du Toit
Florent & Ewa are very interactive and knowledgeable in fitness & yoga correct techniques. Great full body workout! Thanks!
Małgorzata Kostro

It is always such a pleasure to practice yoga at Ewelina classes.

Hanna Hupacz

Absolutely amazing yoga teacher! Not only Ewa is knowledgeable and helpful but also she is a very friendly and warm person.


Merci Ewelina pour ce moment de detente, merci pour ton sourire et la patience.

Sylwia Wiśniewska

Ewelina is great! I have been attending regular yoga classes while pregnant, she pays incredible attention to my needs and safety!! Thank you so much for all the extra love!

James Knox

Ewelina’s yoga classes are great! She caters to all levels and takes the time to work with everybody individually. Ewelina has a passion for yoga and incorporates myriad breathing, pilates and meditation techniques into her classes. Thanks again!

Ewa Flr

I just came back from my first yoga class at Monkey Fitness. After a long week, with work that demand a lot and damage my body, I could straighten up my muscles and bones and get the good energy back to my mind! I highly recommend Ewelina’s studio and can’t wait for outdoor classes to open!


Gather your friends, find the week that suits you best and start planning your first fun & healthy summer trip!